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The Four “M”s of Hirokazu Iwasawa

I first came across the 4M puzzle by Hirokazu Iwasawa (aka Iwahiro) earlier in the year when I met up with a fellow puzzlist in a pub in New York City. The puzzle comprises of a box with a lid and four identical … Continue reading

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Doug Engel’s Sculpturesque “EZ Unlink”

Looking at the symmetrical elegance of Doug Engel’s EZ Unlink it’s not hard to see that he has an interest in the intersection between puzzles and sculpture. American artist George Odom’s 4-Triangle Sculpture was the inspiration for Doug’s puzzle. That sculpture consisted … Continue reading

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Tom Longtin’s Puzzling DIY Sculptures

Tom Longtin’s Trefoil Knot occupies an interesting space in the puzzle world. Part puzzle, part sculpture, part mathematical curiosity, it is a DIY kit composed of 24 L-shaped pieces that fit together to create a three-dimensional trefoil knot. The kit contains … Continue reading

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The Puzzles of Yavuz Demirhan

Yavuz Demirhan is one of the most prolific puzzle designers around, putting out new creations every few days. Between 24 April 2011 and 21 September 2014 he published 370 puzzle designs and there is no sign of him slowing down. Yavuz has had … Continue reading

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